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Bring spatial understanding to complex STEM concepts. Through playing with 3D objects, teachers and students experience how complex STEM concepts work. You can rotate, zoom in/out, and change parameters of 3D simulations as if experiencing them in real life.

Play with 3D interactive objects

Play with 3D interactive objects

Track your progress with analytics

Track progress with analytics

NGSS Aligned

NGSS Aligned


Teachers customize fully
3D interactive experiences in the classroom

Laboratory Monitor

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Classroom Pro

Teachers create their own learning adventures for 9th to 12th Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. Topics are explained deeply through 3D simulations of concepts. Teachers can use their smartboard to face the classroom while sketching and annotating. They can record their best work and share with each other on the platform.

Saras360 Classroom Pro Per Subject
Annual Software Subscription per Classroom $999



When an experience engages more than one sensory system, the interactions between multiple systems offer numerous benefits for accuracy and completeness of perception. The result is truly accelerated learning.


Empowering teachers to explain topics thoroughly

Saras Saras 360


Saras360 content is deployed on your flat panel display or 2D projector in your classroom. Customize interactive learning experiences for STEM courses to explain topics thoroughly while focusing on fundamentals.

Saras360 Classroom Per Subject
Annual Software Subscription per Classroom $799
Laboratory Monitor

Students clarify understanding through experimentation.

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Saras Saras 360

Lab Pro

Individual systems empower each student to explore at their own pace. They can follow their own curiosity to explore and master vital STEM concepts through fully 3D experimentation.

Saras360 Lab Pro Cost
Annual software subscription
Includes Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math; unlimited logins
Hardware $999 per system

Students learn and experiment from home.

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Saras Saras 360


Students learn independently from home. With access to the Saras360 platform, students are able to learn and experiment with the ease of using their own devices. They can spend extra time focusing on more difficult concepts and practice until they achieve mastery. It's the freedom to go at their own pace and follow their curiosity that makes Saras360 Solo an enduring way to accelerate learning from home.

Saras360 Solo All 4 Subjects Per Subject
Annual Software Subscription per students $249 $75
Currently available on Windows computers and Android tablets

Saras Saras 360

Homeschool Pro

Your homeschooled child (ren) are supported with a 3D interactive learning experience. Play with 3D objects to deeply understand each topic within a STEM subject. Use robust analytics to track progress and identify areas for improvement. System includes everything you need to accelerate learning from home.

Saras360 Homeschool Pro All 4 Subjects Per Subject
Annual Software Subscription per students $499 $149
Saras360 Homeschool Pro Tablet 3D Glasses
Hardware Glass Free 3D Android Tablet $600 - $999 $15
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Saras 360


Why teachers love it

  • Teachers maintain students' attention by bringing topics to life through 3D interaction. The lesson becomes an engaging journey, not a boring lecture.
  • Teachers save time with automatic grading and streamlined communications with parents and students.
  • Rather than spending time drawing diagrams and detailing out complex models, teachers can instead interact directly with students and explain topics through coaching.
  • Students automatically develop an inclination to explore more and better engage with their teachers and classmates.

Why schools love it

  • Robust analytics help leadership quantify progress and aid decision making.
  • Enables a healthy teaching and learning environment.
  • Gives a competitive edge to schools as they become fun learning playgrounds and laboratories of interesting explorations.
  • Unleashes STEM innovators and trailblazers right from your school.

Why students love it

  • Students explore at their own pace in an interactive, hands-on learning environment.
  • Students "learn by doing" in an environment where mistakes are reversible and there are no material costs or clean up.
  • Students clarify understanding through experimentation, which improves problem solving skills and develops innovation competence.
  • Students no longer need to imagine concepts or struggle to understand flat pictures.
  • Stereoscopic 3D learning enables up to 2x faster learning and better recall.


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